Did You Know… Blueberries grow in California!

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Yes, that’s right. Not your standard type, of course, which are common to the Northeast, but what are commonly called, southern “highbush”, because they grow to about 4 feet in height. And … they are not only extremely flavorful, but they can cope with both our hot weather and mild winters.
Think of it … these wonderful plants with their silver-green leaves and white blossoms make a fabulous edible hedge! How lucky are we!
There are several varieties to choose from and Bill Nelson of Pacific Tree Farms in Chula Vista recommends these:
• Misty – also known as Challenger, is a prolific bearer of good-sized berries that have terrific flavor. Nelson considers Misty to be the best all-around choice for San Diego area gardens.
• Georgia Gem – great flavor, very reliable under most climatic conditions; heavy production.
• Blue Crisp – a new introduction, good quality fruit, prolific producer.
• Star – very similar to Blue Crisp.
• Cape Fear – old-timer, quite popular and reliable, probably the most likely variety to be found at local nurseries.
And while these varieties are all self-fertile, they will produce more fruit if two or more varieties are planted together so they will cross-pollinate.
However, there is one VERY important thing to know before you go ripping out that old row of rosebushes, but … I’ll cover that in my next blog on

Did You Know
Beautiful Blueberries

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