Did You Know … Perennials Aren’t For Sissies!



People often ask me to design an “easy-care” garden full of perennials — but that’s an oxymoron. Perennials aren’t easy, they’re complicated, and many plants called perennials such as salvia, geranium, pelargonium, lantana and lavender don’t live forever.

Also, it’s often impossible to teach hired gardeners how to care for them since each one requires different care. Every perennial has it’s own requirements:

·       Soil

·       Care

·       Light

·       Timing

·       Pruning

That said, now is the time to cut back many perennials in the garden. With some, however, you need to wait until spring or until 8 inches of new foliage – called basal foliage – emerges from the ground, usually in late winter and then cut to that.

So if you love perennials and want a garden full of them, the smart thing to do is research each plant to see what it’s requirements are and then decided if you have the patience and fortitude to take them on or if your gardener is capable of doing the job for you.


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