EARTH DAY – April 22nd – it’s future is in our hands!


It’s 1962 and newly elected Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin is deeply concerned about the lack of attention our embattled environment is receiving. He proposes a Conservation Tour for President Kennedy that falls far short of expectations.

It’s not until 1969 that the idea, fueled by Vietnam War demonstrations and college campus “teach-ins”, comes to him for a nationwide grass-roots demonstration for the environment.

Without email, twitter or facebook the very first Earth Day takes place on April 22, 1970 with an estimated 20 million participants across the nation. Forty-one years later, it has grown into aglobal day of environmental awareness, education, action, demonstration and conservation. On April 22 your participation and support is as important as ever.

What will you be doing on Earth Day this year?


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