Brighten Up Your Garden With Containers!


Summer is upon us – almost – and as the gloom of June becomes sunny July we’re going to be living outdoors a whole lot more. If your terrace, deck, balcony, patio, gazebo, swimming pool or wherever it is you park yourself is in need of some TLC, then the fastest and most economical way of brightening up that special spot is with containers!

You can use containers on steps, decks, and balconies. along driveways and fences or around trees, mailboxes, and flagpoles. Containers can also enhance permanent plantings or add an array of color to that July 4th barbecue.

If you’re too busy or don’t have a green thumb you can buy already created containers at you local garden store or have them planted for you.

For those of you who like to garden and prefer to do it yourself, here are some suggestions to get you going.

Choose your containers.

Garden stores carry a variety of pots, boxes, and hanging planters, but more creative choices — such as watering cans, hollowed-out logs, plastic-lined baskets, or even old boots — also can serve.

Containers should hold water well enough that plants don’t dry out quickly, yet permeable enough to allow for air circulation and drainage and with enough root space for the plants to take hold and grow.

If you’re placing them on an area that you don’t want water to damage, be sure the saucer you’re placing underneath has a high enough rim to catch what drains. But DON’T let the plants stand in water.

Select your plants.

My advice is to start with plants that you have worked with in the past or are crazy about adding to your portfolio and then building around them. Create compositions of plants that complement each other but vary in form, texture, and size. Repeat related colors to establish a theme, and then add a contrasting element for interest.

Group containers for effect.

Don’t stop with just a single pot — the more the merrier! Mix and match pots and plants to make a powerful statement.

Tend faithfully. Water often. Remove spent blooms and leaves regularly and make sure to enjoy the joy and serenity that a beautiful garden provides.



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