Creating Your Own Victory Garden

Word War II Victory Garden Poster

The term “Victory Garden” came into being during World War I, was brought out of retirement during World War II and while it’s not actually in use – except by me – its concept – people growing their own vegetables – is making yet another appearance in our nation’s gardens.

As I mentioned in the August 2011 edition of Eva’s Notes & News, (“Vegetable Gardens – Great For You Health & Pocketbook“), our country’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, turned 1,100 square feet of White House lawn into a vegetable garden, planting 55 varieties of vegetables. The Obama family and their guests consume much of this produce. What isn’t consumed at the White House is donated to a local soup kitchen and food bank. Good nutrition is the reason behind Michelle’s decision to plant and it’s an awfully good one for anyone interested in healthy eating.

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