Landscape Design – Water Features – Beauty, Tranquility & Value


Whether it’s a swimming pool, a pond, a waterfall or stream, a fountain or a combination of any of these, water – either still or flowing – adds something totally unique to a landscape – even if that landscape is only a balcony

The Magic of Water

I was reminded of this when my crew recently finished building a waterfall/stream that I had designed to fit into a corner of a piece of property that sat on a hillside. Because of the location, this was not an easy birth and it took a lot of work to shoehorn this feature into place. But when the water was tuned on and it began flowing down the rocks, filling the small pool at the bottom, it was transformational!

The sound of the water cascading over the rocks and the sunlight reflecting off the stream gave a whole new dimension to what, as you see in these pictures, was not an ideal location.

Of course, water features come in every size and description and price. What’s most important in considering what feature or features might be appropriate, other than, of course, price, is how it relates to your current landscape and home, your family and your lifestyle.

Here are three very different examples of water features and hardscape that I designed and built based on:

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