The Monthly Gardener – June – Gloom & Bloom


Garden Of Eva Landscape Design Group - English Garden EntranceVisitors to Los Angeles in June are often taken aback by the overcast “gloom” of our mornings. Last week I was working on commercial property when a couple walked by, stopped, and asked me, “What’s the story with your weather?” “What story?” I said, as I struggled to adjust a concrete planter. “All this gray?” the man responded. “Oh … that’s May gray – it comes every year. But if you’re here next week, it’ll be June gloom.” The couple looked at each other and I, not wanting to sound too pessimistic, added, “But it usually clears up by one.”

But whether it’s gray or gloom, June is a relatively sane month as far as gardening is concerned, since most of what you wanted to plant should be planted by now.

So … what’s up for June?

If you’re still in the mood or haven’t managed to get to it, here is a list of tropical and sub-tropicals as well as vines that can still be planted this month along with what plants need to be fertilized:

  • Tropicals & subtropicals: bougainvillea, gardenia, ginger, hibiscus, palms, tree ferns, cassias, coral tree, floss silk tree, golden trumpet tree and orchid tree
  • Flowering Vines: bower vine, mandevilla, violet trumpet vine, blood-red trumpet vine, royal trumpet vine and vanilla trumpet vine
  • Fertilize:  citrus and avocado trees, roses, fuchsias, tuberous begonias, bamboo, water lilies, corn, cymbidiums, camellias, ferns, warm and cool-season lawns, tropicals, perennials and succulents growing in containers

Pests & Diseases

As new growth and buds appear, so do an assortment of pests and diseases. You need to be diligent in checking all of your plants – both sides of the leaves – for white fly and thrips and check to see if slugs or snails are present. If a plant is infected, I suggest looking up the plant on the internet and seeing what the infection might be and how to handle it.  There are any number of remedies on the market but the choice all depends on the plant, the infection and your particular needs.

If you want to know more about what to do in the garden in June, check out Pat Welsh’s “Southern California Gardening – A Month-by-Month Guide, or Google, “Southern California Gardening June.”


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