Water – Water – Everywhere . . . So Where Did It Go?


You can’t have a beautiful garden if there’s no water to water it with. As I have written here before, and I will repeat again today, WATER IS A FINITE RESOURCE!  Without it, not only will our gardens dry up and blow away, but we will as well.

US Drought Areas
US Drought Areas

This may sound dramatic, but as I write this, millions of Angelenos are watering thousands of acres of unnecessary grass using antiquated and inefficient methods, which will waste millions of gallons of water – never to be replaced. This reality is bad enough in the best of times, but we don’t live in the best of times, we are now living with a natural disaster that has been declared the worst in this country’s recorded history.

Worst Drought on Record

As reported on July 14th on examiner.com and in the New York Times today, the United States has declared a natural disaster in more than 1,297 drought-stricken counties in 29 states. The declaration from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), includes most of the south-west, which has been scorched by wildfires, parts of the mid-western corn belt, and the south-east.

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