A Sunset Plaza Makeover


Once Upon A Time …

High in the Hollywood Hills, above Sunset Plaza, an international film producer and his family had grown tired of the mundane landscaping surrounding their home and decided it was time to produce a “Makeover.” So the film producer Googled “Los Angeles Landscape Designer” and, lo and behold, up popped my website. Well, he loved what he saw and gave me a call. We met and we chatted and chatted and chatted some more and I came up with a plan and … so it began.

And we began by ripping out the back yard, but for the swimming pool, and creating a series of descending concrete terraces. When completed, these terraces will include a wall of water, a fire place, a seating area, a barbecue pit and it will all be surrounded by a number of full grown trees that frame and enclose the property.

Over the years, I’ve often been asked what it takes to bring full-grown trees onto a property, and as this makeover provides a “teachable moment”, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to show you exactly what’s involved. And what’s involved is neither easy nor inexpensive!

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