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vegetableDo you want to know: What to plant? Where to plant it? How to plant it? How deep to plant it? How much to water it? What to feed it? How much sun it needs? and What critters will like to eat it? Then, The University of California Cooperative Extension for Los Angeles County is a wonderful resource for  almost anything having to do with gardening.

What follows is a wealth of information that flows from the UC system, including listings of their websites, divisions, publications, research papers etc. So, you might want to bookmark this for future reference. Take a look, try out the links and see how much valuable gardening information is available right here at your fingertips.

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Happy Hunting!

Asian Citrus Psyllid –

Avocado Information –

Backyard Orchard –

Beneficial Insects Poster –

Berries –

California Agriculture –

California Center for Urban Horticulture –

California Garden Web –

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems –

Center for Invasive Species Research –

Citrus Variety Collection –

Community Gardens (UC ANR Publication) –

Exotic and Invasive Pests –

Fire-Safe Landscaping –

Flowers –

Free Publications –

Fruits and Nuts Center –

Gardening  Basics –

Glossary of Gardening Terms, A-M –

Glossary of Gardening Terms, N-Z –

Grapes –

Healthy Lawns –

Honeybee Research and Information –

Indoor Plants –

Integrated Pest Management Program –

Landscape Trees, Shrubs, Vines –

Lawns –

Natural Enemies –

Natural Environment Pests –

Pest Notes –

Pesticide and Toxicology Network –

Plant Native –

Postharvest  Technology –

Safe and Poisonous Plants –

Small Farm Program –

Soil Solarization for Gardens and Landscapes –

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program –

Sustainable Landscaping in California: How to Conserve Resources and Beautify Your Home Landscape –

Vegetable Research and Information Center –

Vegetables –

Weed Photo Gallery –

Weed Research and Information Center –

Publications Catalog –

UCTV – Gardening and Agriculture –

UC Riverside Botanic Garden –



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