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Enjoying Nature – An Outdoor Shower


tropical-patioWith summer upon us and families hitting the beaches, barbequing and hanging out by the pool, spending hours trimming the hedges, pruning the roses or digging in the garden, you don’t have to live on a beach to appreciate an open-air shower. The out of doors is a great place to be and a great place to shower: lathering up in the cool morning air, stripping down after a couple of sweaty hours playing tennis or feeling the refreshing cascade of water running over your body following an early morning tee off and 18 holes.

Regardless of your motivation, there is an outdoor shower that will meet your needs and your pocket book.  From a foot sprayer connected to a hose and a cold-water spigot to an architecturally designed changing room with a multi-head shower and hot and cold running water, the choices are virtually unlimited.

Site Selection

Exotic-wooden-round-outdoor-shower-enclosure-galleryLocation, location, location, as they say, is paramount in purchasing a property and equally true in determining the best location for an outdoor shower.  Here are a few things to consider in selecting a site:

  • your budget,
  • the location of the plumbing lines,
  • who will be using it after what activity, and
  • does it take advantage of the beauty of it’s surrounding?


resthard_outdoor_showerWhile you might like to commune with nature while you shower in the “all together,” this might not be true for your daughter or your mother when she comes to visit. So, I would suggest designing your shower for the most modest among you. There are an infinite number of ways to maintain privacy while still enjoying the glories of nature. Here are just a few thoughts: shower curtains, folding screens, painted shutters, old doors, bamboo roll-ups, potted plants, privet hedges and, of course, a whole range of custom designed enclosures constructed out of almost anything that will withstand water over a prolonged period of time.


rice-outdoor-shower-lWhere the water comes from and where it goes is something I believe is best left to a professional unless this a temporary, “let’s try this out to see if anyone uses it.” If this is the case, then you’re on your own.

These photographs will give you some idea of the range of outdoor showers.  They come in all sizes and descriptions: home made, pre made and custom made. And, of course, I would be happy to help you make an informed decision if you’re looking to commune with nature and want the advice and assistance of a professional.


Exterior stone shower cubical real home L etc 03/2008 not used
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Landscape Design – Water Features – Beauty, Tranquility & Value


Whether it’s a swimming pool, a pond, a waterfall or stream, a fountain or a combination of any of these, water – either still or flowing – adds something totally unique to a landscape – even if that landscape is only a balcony

The Magic of Water

I was reminded of this when my crew recently finished building a waterfall/stream that I had designed to fit into a corner of a piece of property that sat on a hillside. Because of the location, this was not an easy birth and it took a lot of work to shoehorn this feature into place. But when the water was tuned on and it began flowing down the rocks, filling the small pool at the bottom, it was transformational!

The sound of the water cascading over the rocks and the sunlight reflecting off the stream gave a whole new dimension to what, as you see in these pictures, was not an ideal location.

Of course, water features come in every size and description and price. What’s most important in considering what feature or features might be appropriate, other than, of course, price, is how it relates to your current landscape and home, your family and your lifestyle.

Here are three very different examples of water features and hardscape that I designed and built based on:

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